Just when you think you’ve had enough…


Have you ever been minding your business, having a conversation with yourself? (what…? y’all don’t do that?). You ask yourself, “really? like, how much more can I take?”. Then the Universe comes in, dressed in some really over the top cloak like it’s auditioning for a spot in Harry Potter the Musical and says “hold my beer”.

Yea that’s pretty much my entire 2017. It’s like I tripped over the dog, stubbed my toe on the coffee table,  hit my head on the mantle while standing up, only to knock the candle off the ledge and get hot wax in the same toe I stubbed.

No, no that’s child’s play. It’s more like I woke up late on the day of a job interview, wearing two different shoes, left my wallet at home, got stuck on I-285 because a plane landed on the interstate, while my kid’s school called telling me my child fell off the monkey bars and my gas light just came on.

Seriously?! Am I alone here? Just when you can’t take one more d*mned thing, here comes the Universe’s dismount! #WatchThis

I kept finding myself in this Toddler Rut.  You know how toddlers constantly ask, “but why “? I was stuck in this continuous vortex of “WHY”? But why is this happening to me? Why didn’t God give me a sign? What did I do to deserve this? (insert very slow, dramatic violins).  If you’re stuck in the Toddler Rut, maybe this will help you as much as it helped me.

  • Stop Asking Why – The why isn’t important and it’s none of your business (insert Kermit). I’m 98.2% positive that the answer to the why will eventually come. But getting stuck there stunts healing. I don’t know this because I’m super smart. I know this because I’ve lived this. I’ve been in the Toddler Rut. I wanted (and sometimes still want) to make sense of my situation. I get stuck wanting the WHY. I demand it! Then what happens when I don’t get my answer? Frustration, Irritation, Anger, Resentment, Lost energy. Hours and hours of my life, wasted. Never coming back. Instead of asking why, remind yourself…“It Had To Happen”. Take a peek at that link. It’ll change your whole life.


  • Stop Blaming Yourself for Other’s Decisions and Mistakes – I had to come to the realization that I can only be held accountable for Bianca, for Bianca’s actions. Not anyone else’s. People’s choices are not a reflection of me, their decisions are a reflection of them. You can be the coolest, funniest, smartest, most amazing person ever and still get dealt a bad hand. Unfortunately, shitty stuff happens to good people.


How do you push thru when you think you just can’t take anymore?



One thought on “Just when you think you’ve had enough…

  1. OMG! I needed to read this today. I actually feel like this message was written for me. Stop asking why, know that it had to happen and take action to move on. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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