Creating Possitilities!


I learned some really epic things about myself at The Forum. There’s something about getting straight with yourself and uncovering what happened along the way that influenced who you became in life. One of my favorite takeaways was learning to create possibilities for myself and my life. Negative talk, self sabotage and feeling bad for yourself are a thing of the past! Hell, the past is a thing of the past. Leave it back there…you’re not going that way.

So, it’s just this simple. Create a possibility for yourself. Something you want. Something you’re going to attain. Something you’re reaching out to touch in your future. Put your stake in the ground and go get it. Sound simple? It is. The second we choose our future, our thoughts and what we WILL do; the Universe begins to shift.

One thing to recognize and be very clear about is “the bigger the possibility, the bigger the breakdown”. Say it with me…”the bigger the possibility, the bigger the breakdown”. What does that mean? I’ll give you an example.

  • Possibility – I’m going to dinner with my friends and I will be 30 minutes early.
  • Mini-Breakdown – Someone calls as you’re walking out the door.
  • Jr. Breakdown – You forget your wallet in your other purse during your bag swap out and you have to turn around to pick it up.
  • Breakdown – It’s 89 degrees and you can’t remember if you put deodorant on. (no biggie, there’s a Walgreen’s on the way. #Solved).
  • Sr. Breakdown – You get on the interstate and traffic is jammed. #AtlantaProblems

Notice all these things that popped up between you and your possibility? If we learn to recognize our breakdowns we will get to our break thru much faster! Surviving a breakdown isn’t always easy. Call in reinforcements if you need to! Send me an email if you want. We’re in this together.

Screw you Breakdown!

  1. Acknowledge that the breakdown is just a breakdown
  2. Don’t make your breakdown wrong!
  3. Do NOT and I repeat do NOT give up on your possibility!
  4. Repeat 47 times if needed (sometimes I have to repeat it 81 times LOL)

One of the possibilities I create for myself is living a life filled with: love, support, positivity, and gratitude.

What possibilities will you create for yourself?

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